Stop! Before you waste money buying a brand new computer to replace the slow ‘old’ PC that you only bought a few years ago, perhaps you just need an upgrade. In many cases a computer that barely runs can be brought back to life just by replacing the mechanical Hard Disk Drive with a Solid State Drive – This is very common on computers that once ran Windows 7 and have been updated to Windows 10.

The cost of this upgrade is a tiny fraction of what a new computer will cost and in some cases may even out perform a new computer (Just remember – New doesn’t necessarily mean faster!)

Most of the main components in your computer are non-mechanical. This means they don’t degrade quickly with time, unlike mechanical components with many different points of failure.

As an example the computer I’m typing on right now is a computer I built myself in 2012.

Six years later I can still run the latest programs, restart in mere seconds and play all the latest games with high graphic settings and perform CPU intensive tasks like video rendering, 3D modelling and more. How is this possible? Easy. I’ve just upgraded my graphics card and added additional hard drives for storage over time. There’s still no reason for me to build a new PC on the horizon.

So if you’re just doing a bit of web browsing or office work, imagine the performance increase you could have from upgrading and how much money you could save compared to buying new.