Gaming computers

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Why not consider a gaming computer instead?

Why PC?

As a gamer, I love all the gaming systems. With that said, gaming on computer has many advantages over console games:

  • You can personalise your computer to suit your style.
  • You can upgrade your computer over time.
  • You will get better graphics and performance.
  • You can use a huge range of peripherals outside of the traditional mouse and keyboard such as joysticks, steering wheels, console controllers and more.
  • You have a huge catalogue of great games to choose from.
  • You can often buy games a lot cheaper.
  • You can do your taxes, assignments, work, email, web browsing, etc.

Graphics comparison between Xbox One and PC for Tomb Raider (Watch in full screen at high quality):

Isn’t a computer more expensive than a game console?

In short yes – However a computer provides more value and is very versatile.

You can buy a competent gaming machine that will provide better performance than consoles for around $1200. Now, before the price scares you away, imagine if you bought an Xbox as well as a laptop. That will easily cost you over $1200 to get an Xbox and a half decent laptop.

Therefore, if you think of your gaming computer as 2 products in 1 you’re actually saving money.

Furthermore, games on PC can be bought very cheap if you wait for deals from online distributors such as Steam, GoG or Green Man Gaming. Console games often take longer to go on sale and aren’t discounted as heavily so over time you may find PC gaming is cheaper due to discounted games.

Finally, PC has many great free games. While consoles do have some free games, they don’t have nearly the amount or the same quality as PC. League of Legends is currently the most popular online game in the world and it’s free and only available on computer.

Other popular free games on PC include DOTA2, Team Fortress, Hearthstone, Marvel Heroes and World of Tanks.

Aren’t computer games more complicated?

PC games used to be a little more complicated due to manually patching games, etc, however thanks to distribution clients such as GoG and Steam, your games library will remain up to date automatically. Even mods are generally one click installs now compared to manually installing them in the past.

There are many helpful websites that can tell you if your PC is capable of playing the latest games if you’re unsure.

Don’t consoles have better games?

Most console games end up on PC besides the exclusive titles – which are generally exclusive to a single console, so if a game is exclusive to Xbox and you have a Playstation you’re out of luck. PC has many exclusive titles of its own and best of all, a lot of them are free to play!

Will I get viruses?

All our PC’s will come with a range of carefully selected free software, including anti-virus to help keep your investment safe.

Any questions?