Custom Computers

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Custom computers tailor made for you. Whether it’s for your business, your home office, gaming or your living room, we can custom design a computer to suit your needs and your budget.

  • Want a new living room experience?

  • Want an awesome gift for an upcoming birthday or Christmas present?

  • Is your computer slowing down your business productivity and wasting your time?

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Here’s some of the special custom computers we can build:

Gaming PC’s

Who better to build your next gaming PC than an actual gamer?

As a World Cyber Games national champion you can be sure that I know what gamers want. Therefore, you can be assured that I only hand pick the best parts and research the latest hardware so you can get the most performance for your cash.

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Console vs budget PC graphics comparison (Watch in full screen at high quality):

Home Media Centres

Looking for a sleek computer to replace your laptop hanging off the side of your coffee table? Tired of your DVD player not recognising your movies?

Why not get small computer to match the rest of your entertainment setup?

Plex Media Centre

An HTPC (Home Theatre PC) is a small computer running specialised media centre software to help you get the most of your entertainment.

Why choose us?

Because I’m passionate about computer hardware and I understand just how important computers can be in our every day lives. We build our businesses off them, we enjoy our hobbies on them, we store our memories on them and we communicate with friends and family on them.

I understand that a poorly built computer can cause frustration and hinder our efficiency.

Unlike some competitors, I only use quality components. Many custom computer builders will often throw an expensive CPU and graphics card into a box with the worst rated power supply in order to cut costs and increase profits.

Here’s a real example of a competitors computer build:

  • Intel Core i7-6700
  • 16GB RAM
  • nVidia Geforce GTX 960
  • 240GB SSD
  • Cooler Master B700 v2 700w Power Supply

(Only relevant specs have been listed)

Cost: $1899

What’s wrong with this?

  1. The CPU is overkill for gaming . An i5 is much better value for money since an i7 has features designed for video editing, etc. The i7 is also a lot more expensive.
  2. The graphics card (while a good card) is under powered for this build. For a computer that is just shy of $2K you’d expect a higher end graphics card. You’d be much better off getting an i5 and using the saved money to get a better graphics card since the graphics card will be the performance bottleneck when playing games.
  3. While an SSD is a good choice for a gaming machine, there is no other included storage. For such an expensive computer that’s not constrained by case size, you should expect at least 1TB of storage space. Keeping in mind Windows alone will use approximately 30GB and modern game installs can easily be 20GB+ each! This leaves very little room for multiple game installs, movies, pictures, music and other files.
  4. The power supply is poor quality and the wattage is completely over kill (Hint: There’s a reason you can’t find a review of this unit from a reputable source). The recommended power supply for this computer is around 370 watts. 700 watts is double this. There’s no benefit to all this extra power, even if you put in a 2nd GTX 960 video card. This money could go towards a higher quality power supply with less power or a better graphics card.

That’s 4 major faults in a single computer and you should expect better when dealing with “experts”.

I hand pick each part for your particular build to suit your needs, not my wallet.

Any questions?